Cima Strategic Case Study May 2014 Analysis Synonym

The CIES Project was developed to take specialized, humanized and high-technology preventive medical care to communities in need, through advanced mobiles medical centers. It is a leveraged non-profit organization that focuses on low-income people – the population deprived of access to quality medical care.

Fleximedical is CIES’ supplier of its overall infrastructure: trucks, containers, furniture… Fleximedical’s strength is its specialization in medical applications.

Identified challenge: following the constitution of a new board for Fleximedical, need to align all board members on their vision for the future of the company and define the foundations of the 5 years strategic plan

Timing of AfC’s mission: November-December 2015

AfC’s support:

  • Interview of all board’s members
  • Organization of an interactive workshop to reach alignment across the board on the company’s vision and mission
  • Analysis of the market opportunities for Fleximedical, beyond CIES (short, mid and long terms)

Short term result (as per 3 months after the end of the mission):

  • Agreement on a vision and mission for the company and on the operational priorities to develop the business in 2016   
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