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I passed the July 2017 bar exam due in large part to Daniel's tutoring service; easily the best investment I could have made into passing the bar and the start of my legal career. This was my third time taking a bar exam (failed Maryland in July 2016, failed California in February 2017), and on both of my unsuccessful attempts I took a Kaplan Bar Prep course. Although I was relatively close to passing, I could not seem to break the glass ceiling by using only Kaplan's "one size fits all" method. The commercial bar prep courses simply do not provide enough one-on-one guidance on bar essay writing. Daniel and I held weekly FaceTime tutoring sessions, where we honed in on my essay-writing weaknesses. Aside from the tutoring sessions, Daniel's full service curriculum took me about 8 hours/day to complete. Daniel's guidance changed the way I mentally worked my way through essays. Improvement did not come overnight, however. I committed to doing each and every essay-writing assignment he gave to me, and after a few weeks I began to see results. When the week of the bar exam came, I felt confident that my newfound essay writing skills would push me through that glass ceiling. At that point, taking the test was just muscle memory. I am very thankful that I found Daniel and committed to his guidance. I would highly recommend him to all bar exam takers, but particularly repeat takers. The passage rate for repeat takers in California was only 28% in July 2017. Why waste another six months of studying and lost work opportunities when you can finally pass this extremely difficult test with Daniel's guidance?

Daniel was the reason that I passed the July 2017 CA bar exam. I had taken the exam 4 times before and always got close to passing but never did. Daniel was very patient and knowledgeable and always very helpful in his approach and as a result of his methods, the 5th time was the charm. Having used other methods of studying for the bar I highly recommend Daniel. I felt BarBri was a faceless company which supplied just enough information that some students may be able to pass with minimal help and personalized attention. I also used other tutors in the past. While the tutors I used previously were knowledgeable about the material, they were also very expensive. Daniel was very affordable in the packages he offered and he gave plenty of personalized notes and attention to my unique writing style. I cannot recommend Daniel's Bar Tutoring enough. Finding the right tutor is important to bar success and finding Daniel early on before he gets booked up is the best way you can prepare for the California Bar Exam.

Daniel has the formula and method for passing the CA bar down to a science. Without him there is no way i would have passed. Highly recommend Daniel.

Wow, what can I say about Daniel. I'm writing this from the other side-- after two failed attempts at the CA Bar Exam, I finally passed on my third try... thanks to Daniel. Feeling less than enthused or optimistic about sitting for the CA Bar a third time, I knew I'd need the help of a seasoned professional. Someone that could understand my shortcomings and provide helpful insight and suggestions to overcoming them. I knew the law, but I was struggling with essay writing and PTs. Daniel provides you with a customized weekly game plan (however, does not plan out your day minute by minute like Barbri, which leaves you feeling ashamed and overwhelmed should you fall behind). We had weekly meetings discussing the essays and PTs that I turned in during the week, in addition to any substantive questions on the law. The work you put in with Daniel is real. Even though I left the exam unsure of how I did, I knew I gave it my all. Hopeful that the routine work I put in was enough, I received a passing score and still cannot believe it. Daniel's program works. Thank you so much Daniel!!!

Without a doubt, thanks to Daniel's tutoring course, I was able to pass the February 2017 California Bar Exam. The February exam had a 34.5% percent passage rate but despite this, thanks to the preparation I received from Daniel, I felt confident and clear headed. I previously took the July 2016 California Bar Exam (my first time) and used Barbri as my prep course. Most of the people I spoke to throughout law school recommended Barbri and I decided to utilize it. I did not realize until the final month of Bar prep that Barbri was not the right resource for me. I wasted way too much time watching lectures and my scores throughout the prep course were consistently low both with the Essays and MBE's. I spent far too much time studying each day, putting in 10 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week eventually hitting burn out about 4 weeks before the exam. I also never felt truly prepared or confident despite the long hours devoted to the process. I ended up failing the exam by a small margin but I have no doubt that I was not adequately prepared and my stress level prior to and during the exam itself reflected that lack of preparation and ultimately affected my overall performance. Overall, Barbri did not have a hands on approach that helped me truly improve throughout the study process. That all changed when I started work with Daniel. My family and I found Daniel online right before results came out in November. He had stellar reviews and I knew that I needed a more interactive and hands on approach to tackle this exam the second time around, which is how I learned best and excelled in law school. Right after finding out the results I was definitely devastated but I called Daniel to officially lock him in and let him know I wanted to work with him. He gave me a great pep talk to get my head back in to the fight and get me fired up again. It definitely took a week or so to snap out of the funk but Daniel did a great job of getting me going again. The course Daniel provides is extensive but is very strategic in that it is longer than Barbri or other Bar prep companies prep courses to provide you with less cramming and long hours of studying. There have been many studies done (which I learned throughout my second time studying for the Bar exam) that overstudying and pushing yourself to the point of mental exhaustion without breaks is incredibly detrimental to retention and memorization. Daniel knew this and instead of my 10-12 hour days I was pulling before he had me doing in the beginning only 4 to 6 hours for the first few weeks then gradually built up to about 8 but no higher than that. He also made sure to have me take solid breaks after no more than 3 hours total of a study stretch. These did wonders for lowering my stress levels as well as my overall retention of the information. Daniel also was incredibly attentive to my learning style and adapted to how I personally learned as we moved throughout our study schedule. The most important thing to remember when working with Daniel is to be totally and completely honest with Daniel to let him know exactly how and what you are feeling each week. This means letting him know if you are struggling with a particular topic or topics, you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, or you feel a certain method of learning that you are using is not helpful for you and you would like to try something different. Whatever the issue or case may be, the more you communicate to Daniel about what is going on the more effective he can be to help work with you and solve the problem so that you can further hone down exactly what you need to do to make the most out of your study time both with him and on your own. Further, Daniel provides extensive feedback on essays and PTs. In particular, with Daniel, he gave me invaluable advice (which I never received from Barbri) about how to fix my essay problem areas I was struggling with. He taught me the best strategic ways to get the most points on my essays and how to get directly to the point with each one I wrote guaranteeing success. Also, my MBE scores went much higher based on Daniel's study plan. I would say that the scores I was getting on my MBE's from the first time I took the exam to the second improved significantly. I would without question recommend Daniel for anyone seeking to pass the Bar exam, in particular any student who learns best with an interactive and hands on approach to the Bar. Daniel is at the top of his field and has a true mastery of the needs and requirements the California Bar Exam demands. For the hardest Bar exam in the nation, with my exam that I passed having only a 34.5% pass rate, it is not worth trying out something that may or may not work. With Daniel, if you follow his study schedule you will have a very strong chance of success for this exam. He was worth every penny and because of him I was able to succeed on my second attempt at the Bar.

After failing the bar exam on my first attempt, I knew I needed some guidance and feedback. I had passed two other state bar exams and figured I would pass California by doing the same thing: studying really hard, memorizing the law, doing some practice tests and giving it my best. I came up short (about 30+ raw points short). This exam is a different beast. I met with Daniel and right off the bat he told me he would create an individualized study plan for me (10 weeks long), meet once a week for two hours and review essays, PTs, and answer any other substantive questions. Several aha moments were had. Our first week together I learned way more than what my previous bar prep program taught me. I used Kaplan and their feedback is boilerplate simple to almost non-existing. Private tutoring is not cheap but I felt Daniel's price was reasonable given his time investment with my submitted work, our personal weekly meetings and his accessibility throughout the study plan. Honestly, you can't afford to take this sucker again (at least I couldn't). His approach is methodical and strategic. He can change it up to target your difficult areas and points out what the grader wants to see. He's wicked smart and does a great job simplifying the material so you can remember it and kick butt on exam days. He's also very kind and understanding. He knows it's a stressful time and is truly committed to your overall success. With his help, I passed the July bar exam (even though I totally screwed up one of the essays).

Daniel is an excellent tutor and a valuable resource to have if you are looking to pass the Bar! Tutoring is his one and only job (unlike many Bar tutors who are also practicing attorneys or have day jobs). Daniel is passionate about helping you pass, whether a first timer or a repeater. Daniel will make a custom study schedule for you which includes unique study techniques and activities (which I found more useful and personalized than the 8 million things Barbri gives you to do each day). I would echo previous Yelpers' observations that Daniel has a strategic and methodical approach, yet is flexible in that he will change your study plan based on your weaknesses/strengths. Personally, I went to Daniel after failing the J'14 and F'15 bar exams. Daniel and I met once a week and went over PTs, essays and MBE's. I found him to be particularly helpful when it came to PTs. Prior to going to Daniel, PTs were the bane of my existence. I couldn't seem to see a pattern in the way they were written or the way in which I should go about doing them. As such, I had difficulty finishing them on time. I would do at least one full PT per week that Daniel would go through line by line with me. He really helped change my approach to doing PTs and I was able to finish both on the J '15 Bar in time. I would recommend Daniel for first timers and repeaters alike, however, I think he was particularly what I needed as a repeater: part Bar guru, part cheerleader (and part disciplinarian- if you need/want that, he will keep you on schedule). I don't think I could've passed the J '15 bar without Daniel's help!!

I don't know where to begin but My journey with Daniel enabled me to crush the bar exam in Feb 2017. I came to Daniel in a emotional state after experiencing the heart wrenching failure of not passing my first time. He provided me with the consistent discipline, support, and never let me feel bad for myself. Daniel is flexible in the way we had our sessions I.e. In person or skype/ calls. He is a tough cookie and cuts straight to the point. His regime requires you to commit yourself fully and holds you accountable when you experience a lapse in morale/ consistency. His feedback was accurate and direct. I loved studying at his place with a beautiful view of gardens and trees in the backyard. I couldn't recommend him enough, and suggest that even first time takers don't bear the risk and let Daniel help you pass the first time! He is an absolute rockstar and I am extremely grateful for his help.

I used Daniel's bar tutoring services for this past bar, February 2017. I absolutely would recommend Daniel's services to anyone taking the bar. I found that the major commercial bar prep are really not helpful (in my experience) and if you really want to be successful on the bar you really need individualized attention to bring your weaknesses to the forefront of your study. Daniel did just that- he was able to show me that law I thought I knew, I really did not know well and helped me greatly with my writing. He is very versed in the law and is very good at making the law much simpler, and therefore easier to remember on the bar. You can tell he really cares about your success and is readily available to help you throughout the process. I really think Daniel helped put me in the best position I could be in to pass, and THANK GOD I DID! Thanks Daniel!

Daniel is absolutely AMAZING! If you want to pass the bar your first time, save money, and time I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Daniel. Right out of law school my father became seriously ill when I was studying for the bar, and my studies suffered because of it. I did not pass the bar my first time because of my family crisis, but I kept trying to pass on my own. I took the bar a few times using two different prep programs, and was never able to pass. I paid thousands of dollars to have generic graders review my essays and give me generalized feedback that really did not help me at all. Daniel is a savior. I called him and wanted help with tutoring for the February 2017 exam (the last 3 day exam in CA). Daniel was friendly, upfront with what he expected of his students, straightforward, and made me feel like he was the right choice. His tutoring is amazing! He gave me specialized feedback on what I needed to improve on, helped me TREMENDOUSLY with my essay approach and writing style, and even educated me on areas which I was incorrect about. Daniel's program is designed to make sure you pass. If you dedicate yourself to his schedule and really push yourself, you will pass. I worked 1 part time job while studying and I was still able to pass. I owe my passing to Daniel without a doubt, and if you want to pass do yourself a favor and go with Daniel! He is the best!!

Daniel provides an excellent service to those studying for the bar exam. I needed help with my essays, as well as the performance tests, and Daniel helped by thoroughly grading all of my practice essays, and showing me where I needed improvement. He changed the way I analyzed. Daniel also provided a day-by-day study schedule for me, and he recommended several different types of study techniques. Moreover, we met through FaceTime, which was super convenient. Not only is Daniel extremely knowledgeable of the law tested, but he is also very personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend his tutoring services for anyone studying. He is better than Kaplan, which I used the first time I took the exam. With his help, I was able to pass the second time around.

I don't usually write Yelp reviews but I found the need to do it. I did not pass the bar on my first try and I know how stressful and upsetting it is to fail at something you worked really hard on. Thats why I decided that hiring a tutor would be beneficial. I had used Barbri in the past and I just felt like that program wasn't for me. I spoke to different tutors and I felt like Daniel was the best fit for me because of his study plan and his knowledge of the law. Daniel set up a study schedule for me that was manageable and reasonable. He would meet with me once a week and he would go through the work I had submitted line by line. He would ask me questions until I understood the material. Daniel also made sure I was on task and completed the assignments he had given. Each assignment made me feel more confident in my ability to pass the exam. I highly encourage anyone taking the bar to work with Daniel. He helped me pass the July 2016 bar and I'm sure he can help you too.

After failing the July bar exam, I knew that I wanted to take every precautionary measure to pass the February bar. With Daniel's help, I did . I'm the type of person that does considerable research before making any investment, and choosing a bar tutor was no exception. That said, when I was making the decision I was looking for someone who would give me sufficient individualized attention, provide clear and effective feedback on essays and PTs, which is where I struggled, and could do so at a fair price. I reached out and spoke to a few tutors in the bay area and interviewed them on the phone. Many seemed good, but what made me choose Daniel as opposed to others was that he provided package tutoring rates which were cheaper than any of the other tutors, considerable written feedback on numerous essays and PTs, and weekly in person meetings. Long story short, I do not regret choosing Daniel. What I loved most about Daniel's tutoring is that I met with him in person at his home for 2 hours every week to go over the essays/PTs I had submitted that week as well as areas of law I was struggling with. Daniel would take the time at the beginning of every meeting to let me ask targeted questions on areas of law, specific MBE and essay questions, and even non-substantive concerns that would arise. This helped me stay motivated and ensured that I was constantly working on whatever it was I needed the most at that time. Beginning the first meeting, Daniel gave me study strategies, which included how to effectively review substantive law while also practicing essays, MBEs and a variety of PTs. He also gave me an individualized calendar, which we would modify at our weekly meetings based on my progress. Throughout all of the studying process, it became apparent how hard Daniel would devote to my work, and I would imagine all of his other students as well. I could tell he would go through each of my PTs and essays and dissect them, line by line, in order to provide tips on organization, ensure I was using clear and precise rule statements, and concise but sufficient analysis. He would point out where I was strong and where I needed to devote more focus. In reviewing my essays, he would teach me strategies on how to write in a way that the graders would be looking for. He would then make sure I utilized these strategies in my subsequent essays and PTs. You will need outside substantive law materials such as outlines for each subject because Daniel simply does not have the time to teach you all of the substantive law. I used the barbri conviser mini review, the large barbri outlines for areas I really struggled with, and other outlines I collected from friends. However, Daniel won't hesitate to go over something with you when you are struggling in understanding a particular concept. He will use examples to illustrate the topic to make sure you really understand. Further, there were times it was apparent I didn't understand something based on my incorrect analysis on a submitted essay. Daniel would point this out, explain the area of law to me, and then make me recite to him the proper law and also apply the facts of the essay with the correct legal concepts to ensure I understood how it applied. If you're considering a bar tutor, which you should if you can afford it, I highly recommend Daniel. You really have to understand how to take this test, and Daniel is great at teaching you the tricks to pass. Best of luck!

I passed the February 2016 bar and I could not have done it without Daniel's Bar Tutoring. I worked with June and she was exactly what I needed. I previously used Barbri for the July 2015 exam. However, I felt that Barbri did not cater to my style of learning. Working with June, I was able to study the same way I did in law school while also receiving consistent/detailed feedback. I submitted two essays and one PT to June every week in which she would respond to my strengths and challenges. In addition to the written feedback, I also met with June over the phone each week to go over my essays and PTs. She provided strategies and plans of attack for essays, which gave me confidence in my weaker subjects. In the beginning I was concerned that the meetings were not in-person, but rather over the phone. However, it actually worked out really well with my schedule. I saved valuable study time because I did not have to go anywhere to meet with her. I definitely recommend June's service for future exam takers!

When I decided to take the July 2014 California bar exam, I had everything going against me. I'm not from California. I didn't go to law school in California. Worse than that, I grew up in Louisiana, went to law school in New Orleans, and studied civil law rather than common law. The odds were not in my favor. I paid for a Kaplan course anyway, checked off all the little boxes on my daily assignments homepage, and failed the bar miserably. The morning after results came out, I desperately searched for a bar tutor. I knew that if I was going to pass the bar I needed a lot more than an online course. How lucky I was to find Daniel! He responded to my initial/desperate email within a day. During our first phone conversation, he provided a detailed outline of his method with an explanation of how each piece of his study plan works. Within a week he had me on a study schedule. It was a true pleasure to work with Daniel. He made the terms of his payment schedule very clear so that there were never any surprises to my bank account. Additionally, he was flexible in crafting a study schedule that worked with my work schedule. By the new year, I had taken time off completely from my job and Daniel adjusted my study load accordingly. One aspect of his method that I appreciated most was the way he held me accountable to the schedule. He was understanding when I fell behind, but he did make sure I understood the cost of a day off. At first I was unsure how effective long-distance tutoring by phone would be. However, I quickly learned that when Daniel scheduled a session with me, he was 100% attentive to my needs. During essay and performance test reviews, he walked me through my answers line by line and showed me how to make my writing stronger. He helped me learn to organize my answers so that I could better communicate my understanding of the law to the graders. Even when I had questions about Contracts or Property that were probably obvious to anyone who had attended school in a common law jurisdiction, Daniel patiently talked through the concepts with me so that I could better understand the subject matter. In the days leading up to the exam, Daniel made himself available for any additional support I needed. He graded every last minute essay and performance test. He even provided excellent test-taking tips to calm my nerves. Daniel has great knowledge about the bar exam and what the graders are looking for. I truly am eternally grateful for the service he provides because I passed the February 2015 California bar!

Like many of the other posters here, I don't typically write yelp reviews, however I have to highly recommend Daniel for anyone looking to crack the bar, especially for repeaters. He is an absolute pro and worked with me to identify and address my weaknesses in preparation for the February bar. The result - I passed!! I had problems with the essays on my first attempt. Daniel reviewed these and then personally walked me through each of the answers. We discussed what I did well, what needed improvement, and my thought process during the test. He also provided written comments that systematically pointed out problem areas, such as where I missed issues, misstated a rule, incorrectly applied the law, or wasted time by chasing a red herring. If you're in the market for a bar tutor, Daniel is among the best. Thanks Daniel!!

I highly recommend Daniel for both repeat bar takers and first time bar takers who don't think they will do well with the one size fits all approach of most bar prep courses. I failed the July 2014 bar. After two months of tutoring with Daniel I walked into the February 2015 bar with confidence and passed! Daniel did several things for me: a) he pointed out areas of law that I thought I understood but that I was actually getting wrong in my essays; b) he explained that law to me in a way I could easily grasp - this was super helpful with issue spotting; c) he gave ample feedback on essays. Way more feedback than I got from Themis; d) organization! I didn't realize how bad my essay organization was and fixing that was a huge, huge part of passing the bar. The feedback I got from Themis was not helpful for organizatiom at all; e) he was patient but did not allow me to feel sorry for myself, which is imperative for bar studying, because once you start feeling sorry for yourself you've already lost half the battle; f) finally, and most importantly, he fixed my performance tests. I literally was incapable of doing a full performance test before Daniel tutored me, and after quite a bit of work, I walked out of the 2015 February bar feeling like the PT's were pretty easy. I was super happy with Daniel's tutoring, and if you are serious about passing you should give him a call.

I was near the bottom of my law school's graduating class and failed the bar once prior to acquiring Daniel's tutoring services. My score was so low that research revealed experts suggested I had no chance of improving enough to pass. I needed a tutor that would cater a program to my weaknesses--which was essentially every area of the bar exam! Daniel diagnosed my academic deficiencies and formatted my entire study regimen. My MBE percentage doubled thanks to Daniel's recommended strategy and he demanded improvement throughout the preparation process. Daniel reviewed every line of every essay I wrote and was very flexible and understanding with scheduling. He maintained a positive attitude and good sense of humor, but also taxed my efforts with a constant demand for improvement. The bottom line is that tutoring with Daniel a few hours a week over two months prepared me for the bar better than law school and a commercial bar preparation course. Thanks to Daniel's tutoring I passed the bar exam on my second attempt (after an abysmal performance the first time). I have already recommended Daniel to several classmates and extend such recommendation to anyone who is repeating the bar exam.

I've never bothered writing a Yelp review before, so the fact I'm doing so for Daniel should tell you something. The Bar Exam is an ordeal. But when you work with Daniel, he breaks it down for you in manageable pieces. Daniel worked with me in creating a realistic schedule I was able to follow. Going into the February exam, I felt so much more confident than I did the first time I took it because I wasn't scared about what essay topics might come up. When you work with Daniel, he'll provide you with invaluable feedback on where your weaknesses are and how you can correct them. The only way to know those weaknesses is to do practice essays and receive feedback on them. You might be able to state the black letter law, but that doesn't mean anything if you can't apply it. Actual essay writing is when you discover the gaps in your knowledge. Daniel helps with this process. By the time test week came around, many of my weaknesses had become strengths, and low and behold, some of those issues ended up appearing on the exam itself. That feeling of confidence goes a long way to passing. Thanks for everything Daniel!!

I never write yelp reviews but this case absolutely warrants one. I came to Daniel after failing the July 2014 and February 2015 bar. I realized that I needed help, especially with the writing portion of the bar. With Daniel, I reviewed and wrote countless essays and PTs. I hated PTs - absolutely hated them. I even neglected them in the past. Daniel sensed this and provided a lot of guidance and tips. He "forced" me to do a number of them. What was daunting and unbearable before became easy peasy. Daniel is such a great and nice guy. He genuinely cares about you as a person and your success on the bar. But don't be fooled, he's tough! He definitely holds you accountable. In short, if you want to pass the bar, your best bet is with Daniel's help.

Lee Burgess offers one-on-one tutoring for the California bar exam.

How can a bar exam tutor help you?

Lee believes that working with a tutor on an individual basis helps students study smarter by creating targeted test preparation approaches that will lead to better exam results. Whether you are taking the bar for the first time and looking to supplement a classroom program or tackling the test after getting disappointing results, Lee can help you navigate through the study process to get ready for the next exam.

  • If you are taking the bar for the first time: It is important to remember that if you are taking a commercial bar review course — it is one course designed to help thousands of people at a time. Not everything may work for you! And if you need different or additional support, you should ask for help! Many students who have disappointing bar experiences know that things aren’t going well during their first bar preparation period. If that is you, Lee can help you work on your exam-taking skills and give you the much-needed feedback that many people feel is missing from a commercial bar review experience.
  • If you are getting ready to re-take the bar exam: If you are seeking tutoring after a disappointing bar experience, it is crucial that you work with a tutor who you deem can both effectively evaluate what went wrong on your previous bar experience and empower you to be successful in the future. Lee believes students are empowered through learning the best way to study based on their individual needs, by getting detailed and constructive feedback, and by learning the skills necessary to be successful on exam day.

Lee’s job isn’t just to tell you how to do it; it is to give you the tools to succeed! Lee cannot be in the exam room with you. You are the only one who can produce winning results on exam day. Lee sees her role as empowering you by giving you the skills necessary to be the best exam-taker you can be. You will feel confident that you know what a good essay looks like. You will be confident you know what a good performance exam essay looks like. You will have your plan of how to attack an essay or performance exam. You will even have a plan if you don’t know the law! But you will not be lost. You will have a new set of tools that you can draw upon to make this bar experience different from the last!

Lee makes sure that your study techniques match your learning style: One of the great things about working with Lee is that she uses different approaches to match your learning style. This process really is about getting YOU ready for the bar exam, not just some theoretical student. Do you learn best from flash cards? Outlining? Flow charts? Do you struggle with time management? Writing style? Organization? The key is to utilize the study skills you already have and build on them based on the needs of the bar exam.

So what do these programs actually look like? Find out more. Or contact us for details.

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