Brutus Is An Honorable Man Essay

Is Marcus Brutus An Honorable Man?

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In deciding whether or not a person is good, all of their characteristics must be looked at.
That person might look good on the outside, but if their heart is exposed they may not
look as perfect as thought. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Brutus is a perfect example of
this idea. He is sympathetic, kind, and generous, but when his motives are questioned, he
does not look so sensitive. Brutus is not an honorable man.
     Brutus was a very selfish and self-centered person. He continually ignored
Cassius’ and the conspirators’ ideas. He was the leader and everyone was supposed to go
along with them. Not to mention that all of his decisions went against Cassius and they
were all the wrong moves. Brutus refused to admit that he was wrong or listen to other
people. He had a big ego and was obviously used to being in charge. When Cassius
thought it was a bad idea to leave Sardis and go to Phillipi to fight Antony, Brutus did
exactly the opposite. His idea of friendship should be questioned because he constantly
disagreed with Cassius, his best friend, and that is not what friendship is all about.
     Brutus did not value the people around him. Along with ignoring his friends, he
killed his closest friend of all time. For most normal people, killing their best friend
would not even be an issue, no matter what they thought was best for their country. If
they thought something bad could be happening, they would talk to that friend and tell
them what they think and how it should be resolved. No real friend would jump to
conclusions and make such a drastic decision as killing that person. Brutus also did not
value his wife, Portia. He was never home for her and, eventually, part of her suicide
was linked to this. To drive her to suicide was a very selfish act on Brutus’ part. He
should have been there for his wife.
     Brutus did not think about his actions before they were done. He didn’t think
about what would happen to the Roman empire if Caesar were killed. By assinating
Caesar he started a civil war. He ruined an entire empire by his quick and stupid
descions. Many, many people died that did not need to. How can a person be considered
honorable when they were responsible for so many lost lives and the loss of an empire?
Brutus was not a very good military leader. His action when his army first arrived in

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Phillipi was to march down from the mountains. Everyone knows that it is better to
fight from high elevation rather than low. Brutus&#8217; actions were quick, not very well
thought-out. This kind of thinking can get other people, as well as himself, into trouble.
     Brutus may look like a kind and sensitive person while putting a warm blanket on
Lucius, but he really was not a good person. This kind of person only means trouble.
Just look down deep into his heart and that person&#8217;s real personality can be seen.
Honorable is a good thing and Brutus is not this.

Julius Caesar is a play wrote by Shakespeare that tells the story of a man who is worshipped as a god, and the treason of his own friends. Julius Caesar is a general who has an enormous amount of power, and he is about to become the king of Rome. But, as there are people that adore him, there are also people that fear and dislike him. One in particular. Cassius. He is a friend of Caesar, but is full with jealousy of his friend’s power. And, to get the power that he desired, he sends fakes letters to another dear friend of Caesar. Brutus. Brutus is not like Cassius. He doesn’t feel jealous of Caesar’s position.   But, after reading the letters, Brutus realizes that if Caesar becomes the king, then Rome will be negatively affected. That is why he decides to help and join Cassius and the conspirators to kill Caesar. Many of the conspirators kill Caesar out of envy and greed, while only Brutus did it out of love for Rome. Brutus follows the code of honor.
                  Brutus betrays his friend, Julius Caesar, for the good of Rome. After the conspirators kill Caesar, Brutus, Cassius, and Antony make a funeral speech. Brutus says “With this I depart: that, as I slew my best lover for the good of Rome, I have the same dagger for myself when it shall please my country to need my death.” (III, ii, Li. 45-48) Brutus is explaining that if he was in a position that was threatening Rome, then he would kill himself with the same dagger that took the life of his dear friend. This emphasizes that Brutus only wants what is best for Rome, and not what is best for him, personally. The night before the ides of March, the conspirators go to Brutus house. He rejects the idea of killing Antony. Brutus proclaims “Our course will seem too bloody, Caius Cassius, to cut the head off and then hack the limbs, like wrath in death and envy afterwards, For Antony is but a limb of Caesar.” (II, i, Li. 162-165) If the conspirators kill Antony, then the people of Rome will think that the...

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