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In the post offices around the world there is a great need for new workers. One of the positions is postman, which motivation letter sample is integral part of this post. This letter can be applied for applications for currier, mail deliverer, postal carrier etc. Please do not forget to attach a Resume in your e-mail in order to apply for the position. Do not be obscure describing your experience and skills and avoid stating too many information, so the reader could focus on the content.

Name Surname

Bond Street, 27

London, UK

May 7, 2015

Ms. Jaclyn Kim

HR Manager

Royal Mail

London, UK


Dear Ms. Kim,


With this letter, application and attached Resume I wish to apply for the position of postman at the UK Royal Mail. As I emphasized in my Resume, my education, languages spoken and my mail handling skills strongly recommend me for this position. I am eager to give all my contribution and work effort to serve your Organization in a most efficient manner.


Regarding to the post’s requirements stated in the advertisement, I would like to stress all of my skills and characteristics related to the position of postman:

–          I posses fully professional experience in sorting all range of mails, from wedding invitations to wide range of registered post packages and letters. I am also fully equipped with several computer programmes for mail administration;

–          Ability to deliver packages, telegrams and letters on time and at the precise address, in the deadline set using public transport, bicycle or by walk.


If you have any further questions regarding my application please feel free to contact me via e-mail or the telephone. I am looking forward from hearing from you and for your call to discuss my application in great detail.


Thank you very much in advanced for considering me.


Kind Regards,


Amanda Clark

To get the most out of your mail carrier job search, you need a powerful cover letter targeted specifically to the unique position and industry you are pursuing. Employers have specific requirements, and this document, along with your resume, needs to show you can meet their needs. It should also make a case for why you’re the best person for the job and for what unique value you can bring to the business.If covering all of this in a one-page cover letter sounds difficult, know that it doesn’t have to be. You can make the task easier by simply looking at our free mail career cover letter templates and the included tips to gain insight on how to build and use your own powerful new cover letter.

What to Include in a Mail Carrier Cover Letter

Your cover letter should be uniquely crafted to show how you can meet the specific employer’s needs. To do this, start by examining the job posting. You will need to show the areas where your qualifications line up with the requirements outlined in the posting. Don’t rehash your resume, but instead pick out those overlapping key points of interest to get the hiring manager’s attention.The most effective format is to keep your cover letter to less than one page and to use three to five paragraphs. Convey an upbeat tone and use professional wording. The focus should always be on what you can do for the company, never what you expect the company to do for you.Pay special attention to the opening and closing paragraphs. The middle is the place to lay out your relevant experience and accomplishments, but the opening is where you grab the hiring manager’s attention, and the conclusion is where you end on a positive note with thanks. Always address your letter to a specific hiring decision maker where possible and never use a general or gender-specific term like “Dear Sir’.

Sample Cover Letter

Create Cover LetterCreate Cover Letter

Cover Letter Content
Dear [insert hiring manager’s name]
As a transportation professional with delivery experience, strong time management skills, and a knack for being detail-oriented and self-driven, I am confident that I would make a successful addition to the United States Postal Service team as a Mail Carrier.My fifteen years of experience in transportation has given me an in-depth insight into the need for maintaining schedules, adhering to protocols, and ensuring accuracy of information. I have a successful track record of delivering products quickly while following regulations and working in an efficient manner.
As a resourceful problem solver able to tackle surprising challenges while maintaining my calm and composure, I am confident I can ensure route customers are satisfied with high-quality service. My strong career history is built on well-developed communication, organizational, and decision-making abilities as well as my hardworking and driven nature.Thank you for your time and consideration. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications more fully with you in the near future. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need additional information.

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