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What is a Brand Identity? The Case of Coca-Cola and Apple

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Coca-Cola. And Apple. Two companies from two very different industries, yet both have such strong brand identities, it has become iconic. A brand identity should be “the heart and soul of a brand.” [2] (Aaker, D. A., 2010, p. 68) But it’s not just a strong brand identity that has made these two brands internationally known. In both cases, it has been a strong combination of brand identity and well-considered packaging, which have put them at the forefront of their respective markets.
This paper argues why both brand identity and packaging are vital to a successful marketing strategy, and that they are more powerful intertwined, than as two separate elements.

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However with the establishment of a successful and strong brand identity, a company can build a foundation that will help get their brand and its products on the ground running. Apple and Coca-Cola are just a few of many that are a testament to just how effective a strong brand identity is and the value it is able to create.

A brand identity cannot exist alone though. It is only the overarching umbrella in the marketing mix. It is what supports a brand identity, and becomes its communication vessel to the consumer that enables a brand identity to establish itself. Most companies traditionally turn to advertising or promotional campaigns to sell their product. But what is often overlooked is the medium of packaging. Traditionally, packaging has always been an afterthought in the creation of products, neglected by companies who consider it to be just an extra cost. [7] (¬Holdway, R., & Walker, D., & Hilton, M., 2002) Little do they realize the potential well-designed packaging has to influence consumer decisions. The role of packaging is no longer just to protect a product as it travels from the manufacturer to the retail shop, and ultimately into the consumer’s home. It must also grab the consumer’s attention in what may be a few second window, as they glance over shelves of brands and products all

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Competitor Analysis of Apple Essay

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III, Competitor analysis
It can not be denied that laptop market is globally a crowded competition in which there are a number of giant technology companies in the world. Apple obviously has to consider their firm competitors. Thus, the next step of this research is competitor analysis, which will identify direct and indirect competitors for Apple’s Macbook. Moreover, this analysis will select two direct competitors, which are Dell and HP, to assess their strengths and weakness relative to the marketing activities of Apple. Finally, it will explicitly demonstrate how these two competitors are potitioned in Australian laptop market.
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Assessing their strengths and weaknesses relative to Apple branding is the next important analysing.
HP, a giant company coming from America, appears to have a good perceive of market and implement of marketing strategy, in addition, they are effective to understand changing users requirement and levels of consumers’ satisfactions (Gartner, 2010: 5). However, the weakness of HP is the complexity of constrast when chanel partners are used, so it still makes confusions for current customers. Moreover, Gartner (2010: 5) indicated that HP might be “hard-pressed” to decrease the internal costs of their products and supports, and may offer less-agressive discounts to large enterprise. Similarly, Dell, an American computer company, has good quality products and services targeted to mature market and degree of account management for global enterprise consumers (Gartner, 2010: 5). However, Gartner (2010: 5) showed that smaller enterprises that do not achieve “global account status” with Dell may experience irrelevant service and support levels. In addition, the targeted customers of Dell is limited in mature and office market because they do not have change in product design and less-competitive price.
Due to these strengths and weaknesses, both Dell and Hp consider their marketing strategies to position in Australian technological market. In order to attract customers, HP focuses on improving the technological supply

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