500 Word Essay On Shoplifting Statistics

the types of research used are experimental research, observational research and interviews, meta-analysis and systematic review, data mining, and crime mapping. Experimental research involves having a control and experimental group of subjects who have been randomly selected and placed in to the groups. Then, an experiment would take place and the results of the two groups would be compared. These are often diFcult to conduct and are rare since there are ethical issues involved and often take a lot of analysis.Observational research and interviews require the researcher to pay attention to a few subjects over a (sometimes) lengthy period of time, and are good for providing information about speci±c individuals, but may not be best suited for making generalized statements. Meta-analysis gathers information from several di²erent previously conducted studies, and compares the information gathered. This leads to a more powerful and valid discussion of the results found, but does not usually provide new information. Systematic review is very similar to meta-analysis, however it is gathered research that is attempting to address a particular scienti±c question.Data mining is when several computational methods are used to analyze large data setsin order to identify patterns and trends in the data. This can then be used to predict future events, such as crime waves or patterns in crimes. Crime mapping is when various data is placed visually on a map for better understanding of the locations of crimes. ³or example, if there were 300 car break-ins in one town from June-August, the locations of each of those break-ins would be marked as a dot on a map. You could then look at the map to quickly see where the car break-ins are occurring most often, then increase police presence in the area to deter crime.Since we know that crime is not a new concept, it is interesting to see how crime trends have gone in the United States. ³rom 1830-1860, there was a gradual increase in violentcrime; however when World War I broke out, there was a decrease in crime and crime rates declined until 1930. Crime rates continued to ´uctuate, depending on the crime, with the crime rates peaking at their highest in U.S. history in 1991. Since then, they have continued to ´uctuate.Some factors that in´uence crime trends are age, immigration rates, the economy, abortion rates, availability of guns, gangs, drug use, the media, medical technology and health care, the laws, social and cultural change, and available criminal opportunities. Crime patterns are also a²ected by location, day, season, and climate, temperature (crime increases in warmer months), and regional di²erences (urban cities versus a

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